Giving a friendly face and identity to an innovative sweepstakes platform

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Tokened is an online sweepstakes platform where users can win the world’s rarest NFTs worth thousands of dollars for the price of a coffee.

JUICE worked to define and design a mascot that captured the essence of the Tokened brand, then build a visual identity to help introduce the Tokened product to the market.

The challenge: Communicating Tokened’s essence through visual branding

Visualizing the new face of Tokened

As Tokened sought to add a personable touch to their brand through a mascot, we started by delving into their creative vision. Through creative briefing, mood boarding, and a robust visual exploration, we determined a visual style that would best represent the brand.

Creative Brief
Meet Toki

Introducing Toki: the heart of Tokened's brand

Toki isn't just a mascot; it's a friendly and inviting figure for newcomers to Tokened and the NFT realm. Toki's personality perfectly embodies the approachable and engaging image Tokened aims to present to its customers. With an array of flat icon designs, numerous poses, and expressive variations, Toki's adaptability ensures it can represent the brand effectively across all digital touchpoints.

A mascot-first branding strategy

With Toki brought to life, our next steps were to ensure Tokened’s brand aligned with their mascot. All branding assets were defined to provide Tokened with a comprehensive and cohesive brand.

Building a versatile, custom platform

Tokened’s groundbreaking sweepstakes experience was best brought to life through a custom designed, bespoke web platform. This website not only showcased NFT sweepstakes but also created an inclusive community for crypto enthusiasts to share blockchain news and insights.