Designing a Web3-Powered Property Rental Platform

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TripsTrade is a groundbreaking platform that is redefining the travel industry. Travelers can purchase and resell short-term property rentals using cryptocurrency, giving them unprecedented control over their booking. Additionally, the platform simplifies property management for hosts, streamlining the process and enhancing efficiency.

The challenge: Seamlessly integrating crypto and NFT technology into the modern travel booking experience.

Designing for the next-gen user:  
The aesthetics of TripsTrade

We developed a visual design language for TripsTrade that seamlessly blends cutting-edge functionality with a user-friendly interface. This approach ensures accessibility for users who may be less familiar with Web3 technology. Our thorough and explorative design process culminated in a streamlined marketplace, optimized for both mobile and desktop. This design facilitates easy navigation through property listings, enhanced by a vibrant accent color that establishes a clear and intuitive visual hierarchy.

Robust property management dashboard

We crafted a streamlined dashboard for TripsTrade hosts, which included a unified inbox for rental management and renter communication, and a simplified property listing process, and easy oversight of bookings and upcoming stays. Additionally, the dashboard empowers owners with comprehensive earnings management, ensuring a seamless and effective operational experience. This design focuses on delivering practical, user-centric solutions that elevate the hosting experience on the platform.

Connecting blockchain technology with real-life travel

We enhanced the rental experience by integrating seamless MetaMask wallet functionality, allowing for easy cryptocurrency transactions. The platform offers a user-friendly interface for effortless property browsing, booking, and stay management. This design ensures a smooth, secure, and efficient process for renters, from viewing properties to managing their bookings, all within a cutting-edge digital environment.

Sleek, modern, universal: component design and development

Throughout the project, we developed a comprehensive component library, establishing a cohesive and scalable design language across the platform. This toolkit streamlines the design-to-development workflow, ensuring consistency and efficiency in implementing new features. Designed with responsiveness and adaptability in mind, it not only enhances the current user experience but also future-proofs the platform for evolving technology trends.