Communicating the benefits of a revolutionary beverage through design.

Logo Design
Package Design
Brand Strategy
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Flavor Selection

Nhance is a startup seeking to revolutionize the canned beverage industry with its natural, terpene-infused water. Launching the first drink of its kind, nhance sought out Juice’s help capturing consumer interest and communicating the functional benefits of botanical terpenes through packaging and branding.

The challenge: transform an innovative drink concept into a market-ready product

Flavor selection process

Nhance's founder, Jack, introduced the innovative idea of a terpene-infused beverage to JUICE. The initial challenge was to create compelling flavors. JUICE played a vital role in this development phase, conducting extensive flavor experimentation and crucially helping to establish nhance's unique signature flavors.

Watermelon & Basil
Strawberry & Mint
Pear & Ginger

Designing a can that stands out

As an emerging brand, Nhance required packaging that would not only capture attention on crowded shelves but also effectively communicate the innovative concept of terpenes and their functional benefits in an engaging manner suitable for consumers. To meet this goal, Juice undertook multiple iterations of packaging design, striving for the perfect balance between allure and informative appeal.

Our iterative process:

1. Stressing simplicity

Our first design iterations leaned into minimalism. Building on the natural ingredients, these designs used colors reminiscent of nature and educated the user with copy explaining the benefits of terpenes.

2. Bringing attention to the benefits

While the first design iterations looked sharp, consumers are more inclined to pick up a product which immediately communicates its core benefit. We included the functional benefit of each terpene as a key callout on the front of each can.

3. Turning up the terpenes

First impressions are essential to stand out on shelves in a crowded marketplace. To encourage customers to interact with and learn more about the product we explored using the playful callout: “This can contains terpene enhanced water.”

Striking a balance

Our user testing proved that the “This can contains...” language was effective in capturing customer attention, however, communiating the functional benefit was more likely to lead to a sale. With this knowledge, we honed in on our final can design – a balance of fun and functional benefit. The final callout: “This can contains a stronger you” (and other similar statements) stands out on shelves, and educates the user on the functional benefits of the drink in a playful way.

Building the brand identity

Understanding that Nhance's identity revolves around its signature canned beverage, we recognized that packaging should spearhead the brand vision. Once we solidified our packaging concept, we crafted a comprehensive brand identity to complement it. Nhance's branding features vibrant, dynamic colors coupled with a straightforward font and logo design, all thoughtfully chosen to accentuate the brand's natural essence.

A fun online presence fit for various platforms

Ultimately, we developed a website to debut Nhance globally. Although the product is in its developmental phase, the website offers potential customers a preview of the brand, ensuring that Nhance is strategically positioned for a successful product launch.