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The Basket Lady exists to bring beautiful handwoven baskets from female artisans in Indonesia to the American market, in order to share them with people who appreciate their craftsmanship, function and natural beauty. The company needed to elevate its brand image to align with the luxury quality of its products. 

Creating a meaningful brand is like basketry itself. A skill that requires high-quality materials, patience, and a keen eye for detail. So, when we took on the challenge of rebranding a long-standing and successful basket company, we kept these requirements in mind. 

The New Basket Lady Brand 

The Basket Lady came to us with a logo busy with conflicting elements that felt outdated and out-of-place with its product line.

The refreshed logo is clean but memorable, and allows the quality baskets to speak for themselves. It was essential that the logo could be applied across a wide range of retail and online applications, including merchandising tags, collateral (print and digital), and e-marketing. The period included at the end of the brand mark is used to both define and delineate the brand, while bringing an air of sincerity to a brand with an otherwise quirky name.

The new logo evokes a premium feeling, where attention to detail is not missed— down to the multipurpose branded hang tags which serve shipping and customer organization functionality. 

The comprehensive brand guide we created defines a clear set of rule to apply The Basket Lady brand to any collateral, so that the company’s stakeholders can create a uniform customer experience for years to come. 

Looking Back

Like great baskets, the new brand is versatile, useful, and long lasting. We wove together the best elements of a brand that had prospered for three decades with the changing needs of today's buyers.

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