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Stylish Cannabis Website Design

Website Design
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Cannabis is a rapidly expanding market across the United States and companies are looking for ways to stand out. Pinks Products came to us looking for a stylish, attractive and informative landing page.

The challenge: Design an attractive cannabis website focused on introducing the brand to customers.

Turning Branding into an Experience

Pinks Products has an established style, and we knew we needed to communicate this feeling to users immediately. The animated hero section introduces users to Pinks’ branding and style, inviting those users to learn more about their brand and products.

Informative and Unique Design

In a world full of cannabis websites that all look the same, we took Pinks Products’ website in a more unique direction, leaning heavily into older internet aesthetics and imagery. By leveraging an older visual style in a rapidly growing industry, we were able to display confidence and expertise from a relatively young brand.