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The Basket Lady brings Indonesia's finest handwoven baskets, crafted by talented female artisans, to the U.S. market. These pieces are more than just baskets; they're a fusion of superb craftsmanship and natural beauty. The company's brand image, however, didn't quite match up to the high quality of its products, and that needed to change.

Brand building is similar to basket weaving: it requires quality materials, patience, and attention to detail. When we set out to rebrand this established basket company, we focused on these essentials, ensuring a brand image that resonates with its luxurious offerings.

The challenge: Elevate The Basket Lady's brand to reflect the luxury and artistry of its handwoven baskets.

Setting a new foundation

The original logo brought to JUICE was cluttered with conflicting elements, giving it an outdated and out-of-place feel in relation to its product line.

The refreshed logo is clean but memorable, and allows the quality baskets to speak for themselves. It was essential that the logo could be applied across a wide range of retail and online applications, including merchandising tags, collateral (print and digital), and e-marketing. The period included at the end of the brand mark is used to both define and delineate the brand, while bringing an air of sincerity to a brand with an otherwise quirky name.

Guidelines for a consistent visual identity

The comprehensive brand guide we created defines a clear set of rules to apply The Basket Lady brand to any collateral, so that the company’s stakeholders can create a uniform customer experience for years to come.

A strong foundation across all touchpoints

Much like their products, the Basket Lady’s updated brand is versatile, useful, and long lasting. Our deliverables included social media usage guidelines as well as visual collateral like business cards and email signatures to tie together all touchpoints, both online and off.