What is Digital Prototyping? Why it Could be a Great Idea for YOUR Business

October 1, 2022

Imagine this...you have a concept for a new product. But bringing it to market before it is created or manufactured can be challenging. Digital prototyping may be the solution. 

What is Prototyping? 

Prototyping is using technology to create a lifelike rendering of a product. The automation behind prototyping has advanced to the point where viewers cannot detect the difference between a prototype and "the real thing." 

Prototypes can be used for purposes like: 

  • Digital media, like websites. The client can see what a site will look like when it goes live. 
  • Product design. Prior to mass manufacture, the team can evaluate how a product will look and operate, troubleshooting aspects before production. Merchandising. For example, an inventor or manufacturer can see what product packaging might look like in a retail store next to competing products. 
  • Pre-sales of products. A book may not be available yet, but potential buyers can see a 3D version of it online. 
  • "Trying on" clothes or accessories or placing furniture in a home or office. Virtual reality (VR) prototypes enable consumers to see how an item will look in their world. 

The Business Benefits of Prototyping 

Suppose you can create a product or service in the virtual world before execution or manufacture. In that case, you have an opportunity to conduct UX and UI research, securing valuable feedback before mass production. These insights can save you money and time in the long run. 

Digital Prototyping of Communications Media (Like Websites and Apps) 

When an end-user or team can get a clear, detailed, and interactive image of digital media, they can provide accurate feedback upfront. It allows your business to: 

  • Test the functionality, as it will exist in the finished product
  • Share the concept more easily with decision-makers and even investors Find errors, which saves money and time in the long run 
  • Involve team members and users to fine-tune designs and collaborate better 
  • Test variations at a relatively low cost 

Digital prototyping in manufacturing 

In addition to the benefits outlined above, digital prototyping of hard goods (like products and packaging) helps: 

  • Estimate production costs, manufacturing requirements, and needs for materials 
  • Determine what type of production machinery might be necessary Test for durability and fit. Think of it as the "crash test dummy" of product design 
  • Start the marketing process earlier because prototypes can be used as images in advertising 

We Live in a 3D World. Take Full Advantage! 

Whether you're working with an agency on developing an app, website, streaming ad, or packaging design, being able to evaluate a new idea before you've finalized it will avoid costly errors. 

The time and effort you spend testing the prototype is a great investment because you can be confident that the final product works. It also enables you to market and sell early on and build consumer demand before launch. 

The project team (and perhaps end users) will feel more involved in the development process, which builds morale and trust. 

So, before you push the "go" button, press the "imagine and test" button and think seriously about the role of prototyping in your next creative project. Make sure you're working with an agency fluent in digital prototyping to help you bring your vision to life. 

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