What is a CX Strategy & Why Do You Need One?

March 1, 2023

A robust Customer Experience (CX) Strategy ensures that every interaction with your brand, product, or service –from initial discovery and first impression, to a post-purchase follow up– is engaging and enjoyable. CX Strategy should be designed to deliver a positive, differentiated customer experience through an actionable plan. Customer experience is a top strategic performance measure that fuels the modern experience economy. 

In Dimension Data’s 2020 Customer Experience Benchmark Report, it was found that CX is recognized as a clear differentiator in 81.6% of organizations, and the number one indicator of strategic performance. 

A well-defined customer experience strategy will not only create opportunities for a return on your effort, but allows your organization to get on the same page about the value of your customers and the integral role they play in your success. To improve business performance, it is suggested to properly implement organization optimizations with CX-focused initiatives in mind.

  1. Understand Customers: Knowing your target audience and understanding your customers is the best place to start with your CX strategy. 
  2. Personalize Experiences: Understand your customers, but also understand what they value so that your business is able to deliver a thoughtful experience in a time of hyper-personalization. 
  3. Lead with CX Strategy: To become an enterprise that can benefit from being CX focused, your entire company has to be on board with your plan to make sure that goals are being clearly set, managed, and followed through on. 
  4. Have an Omnichannel Approach: The customer journey allows for multiple touchpoint opportunities for your company. Make sure that you are meeting your customer where they already are by choosing the best channels for contact. 
  5. Continual Optimization: Like any business strategy, your CX initiatives should be an ongoing process that continues to improve and evolve alongside your business to better serve your customers. 

The value of your CX strategy is maximized when customer expectations and their experience are in alignment. It is lost when your experience does not meet expectations, or when your experience so significantly exceeds expectations that you lose economic value through operating costs. 

Work with an agency like JUICE, whose competencies in design and development can help you implement a comprehensive CX strategy that is both personalized and proactive. We can help you make sure your brand experience is dynamic and effective. Working with an agile team like JUICE gives you the advantage of being able to continually update and optimize your efforts throughout different phases in your CX approach.

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