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Partáy is a new take on a classic drink— created as a delicious rebuttal to the dawn of cheap, artificial, uninspired canned seltzer that took the market by storm. Boasting fresh, natural, and more importantly, REAL ingredients, Partáy has all the convenience and style of a canned RTD beverage, with the flavor and commitment of a restaurant-quality margarita.

From Fresh Drinks to Fresh Designs

Partáy approached us with three main goals– updating their existing package design, creating two new designs for their new flavors, Paloma and Passionfruit, and planning and executing a large scale content shoot to build their social media presence online.

Tangy New Packaging That’s Got a Kick

Partáy’s existing packaging was strong, but they needed to step up a notch to match the refined tang of their margaritas. After countless mockups, we settled all-red boxes that would color block effectively on a shelf to catch shoppers attention. We included mouth watering images of the product’s fresh ingredients, serving suggestions, and of course, the iconic pastel cans themselves.

Colors That Pair as Well as Margaritas and Salt

A unique challenge of the project was selecting colors that would represent the two newest (and in our opinion— most delicious) flavors to be added to the Partáy lineup; Paloma and Passionfruit. We needed to find distinct colors for both of these cans that would fit with Partáy’s bold existing palette, as well as illustrate fun and frisky characters to balance the laid back cast. We settled on a deep purple and a pale pink— colors that oozed the flavors they represented, while complimenting the iconic Partáy Red backdrop that customers know and love.

Lights, Camera, Partáy!

The Partáy content shoot at our studio, Space67, was an exciting culmination of all of our hard work, as well as an opportunity to showcase a product that we all truly enjoy– so much so that we even had a (usually locked) keg of Partáy on tap in our kitchen kegerator. 

For the shoot, we worked with talented food stylist Judi Orlick, who helped us concoct magnificent dioramas of miniature partáy-goers enjoying table-top beach, backyard, and idyllic fruit-topped mountain scenes. At the end of the three-day-long shoot, our team shared a toast of ice-cold margs to everyone’s hard work, and to all of our excitement at the juicy new images we had created with our most refreshing client.

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