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Every transformation has a good story behind it. Carter Grotta, the managing partner and creative director of JUICE Creative, discovered Leven right before Mother’s Day. In search of the perfect gift, he stepped into the storefront. The atmosphere of the space was serene, and the CBD products, impressive.

But for everything Leven was doing right, inconsistencies dulled the impact of CBD wellness and beauty brand’s look and feel.

Brand Inconsistencies Held Leven Back

Leven had a goal: To offer its customers a sense of peace and balance through well-crafted cannabidiol (CBD) products, from serums to face masks and creams. However, it faced a challenge. While Leven’s products only contained CBD, the brand had to overcome the community’s stigma against all cannabis and hemp products.

To do this, it needed to project quality and respectability. The images and messaging had to convey that Leven offered premium beauty and wellness products unrelated to cannabis or intoxicants.

Leven had made a good start, but there were still some apparent issues. For example, logo, color, and imagery wasn’t well organized or used consistently across brand collateral.

Leven used its compelling logo inconsistently on the products and packaging. There were color deviations among the packaging, as well. We learned the printer struggled with color matching when Leven ordered packaging in smaller batches. The result was visually confusing for customers who expected a coherent and easy shopping experience.

Elevating Leven’s Brand Image

Leven had a vision of how it wanted to portray itself. Executing that vision was another matter. We worked with the luxury CBD brand to craft a consistent and compelling brand image and message.

To begin with, we updated the logo and standardized its use across the website, products, outer packaging, and social media. The next project was to standardize the brand’s colors. We worked directly with the printer on location, deciphered the correct colors by eye, and translated those into Pantone colors.

It came time to build out the product lines and exterior packaging while differentiating between Leven’s wellness and beauty product lines. To do this, our team first educated itself thoroughly on CBD regulations and made sure not a single product violated the law. Then, we designed product and plant graphics, the individual product units, and a uniform structure for exterior packaging.

Most importantly, we produced Leven’s “brand bible,” which included product and packaging guides. In the future, any printer can refer to the guides to ensure consistent and high-quality packaging.

Overcoming Payment Processing Woes

At JUICE, we believe in going above and beyond for our partners. Leven faced payment processing challenges from the day it opened its store. Due to evolving and challenging regulations, payment processors refused to work with CBD brands at the time. As a result, Leven had to use a blockchain integration with a steep price of 7-8% per transaction to accept payments.

We prioritized finding a different payment processing option with a lower interest rate. After countless phone calls, Square accepted Leven as one of 10 brands for its CBD program. Under the beta program, Leven benefited from a significantly lower transaction fee for all sales.

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