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Futurework Consulting LLC, headed by Rhonda Brown, provides strategic Corporate HR Consulting services. Futurework prepares its clients for now and what's ahead, developing HR protocols that will grow with the company and minimize personnel hiccups along the way. For such a future-focused business, we needed to make sure that Rhonda’s brand and website would offer a comprehensive view of Futurework's range.


Timeless branding was the requirement, and a classic minimal approach was the solution. JUICE sought out to create a Brand Identity that embodied the quality of work one can expect from a company like Futurework. Every aspect of the brand's identity needed to enhance the profession and corporate services that the business provides—calming and neutral colors, polished and legible typography, and a clear and alluring logo to match.


Futurework’s website needed to look up the part—as well as function to push SEO, drive customer engagement, and provide organizational education. For this, Squarespace was uniquely equipped to handle the requirements while capturing the visual essence of the brand, and providing easy-to-use features for those of us who are less technologically savvy.

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