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ARC SSL is a top notch Sound Staging and Lighting company offering expert technical support for concerts, events, clubs, and much more. In addition to punchy and exciting live events, ARC also provides professional recording and production services for A-list musicians.

Branding for a Boppin’ AV Experience

For ARC, we needed to create a brand standard that was just as vibrant and exciting as the work they excel at! Keeping in mind the company’s professional ability to remain hidden in the background while still casting a radiant glow on the venue’s subject, we decided upon a dark color scheme, with a bright and punchy green logo, depicting sharp, vibrant streaks of light that they are known for.

Web Design that Shows the Hype

For a company whose specialty lies in the Audio-Visual space, we needed to make sure that their online presence was just as pristine and savvy as their branding and performances. For this, we pursued a custom squarespace theme. The website serves largely as a digital business card, so the impression it leaves needs to be that of an exciting concert, adequately lit, and exemplifying clarity.

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