Bruised Brand? Here's How to Overcome Damage to Your Brand

July 1, 2022

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In the words of Warren Buffet, it only takes five minutes to damage a reputation you've built for 20 years. Brand reputation is a fragile thing, and even something seemingly minor such as a slight variation in word choice could cause serious harm to your business. 

In this post, we take a closer look at the common culprits behind reputational damage and how you can overcome them. 

Common Causes of Brand Reputational Damage 

Here are some of the most common reasons why your brand reputation could be at risk: 

Poor customer support takes you on a fast track to reputational damage because you're turning a bad situation into a worse one. It shows customers that you either don't care about their problems or don't know how to fix them. 

Failing to keep your promise means you'll quickly lose people's trust, and your brand image will suffer. You'll forever be known as a brand that makes bold claims without following through. 

Poor employee behavior (on or off the clock) gives you brand negative publicity. 

No one likes a company that treats its employees poorly. Your brand reputation can take a hit if a current or former employee shares a terrible employment experience. 

Ignoring negative customer reviews is a surefire way to show people that you're ignorant of your customers' opinions, which leaves a bad impression of your brand. 

Low-quality products and poorly-designed websites/apps speak volumes about the quality of your brand as a whole, serving to ruin your image. 

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How to Overcome Damaged Brand Reputation 

In many cases, it's possible to prevent brand reputational damage if you anticipate risks early on. 

Monitor Social Conversations and Customer Reviews 

Keep a close eye on reviews and social conversations to proactively find possible issues and fix them before they escalate. For example, quickly responding to a Tweet in which a customer is complaining about receiving a faulty product will help you solve the problem and appease the customer before the situation turns into a PR nightmare. 

Improve the Customer Experience 

Streamlining your touchpoints and optimizing the customer experience across different channels can also help mitigate the risks. This enables you to reduce the chances of customer disappointments and bad experiences that can eventually contribute to a damaged reputation. 

Take Strategic Measures to Fix the Damage 

Overcoming a damaged brand reputation requires proactive and strategic crisis management. However, it becomes challenging when the damage is already done. You need to carefully plan out your responses so as to avoid causing further damage. Since you're already on thin ice, one small mistake in word choice could bring everything crashing down. 

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Getting Help to Overcome Reputational Damage 

One thing's for certain–it takes expertise to overcome damage to your brand. This is why it's so important to work with an agency that can provide you with the skills and insights acquired from years of managing brand reputation. 

JUICE Creative Group will help you to determine the best approach depending on the situation. We can craft an appropriate response for you in your brand voice, allowing you to avoid mistakes that can lead to further damage.

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